Condition of the operating rooms

When renting or purchasing operating premises, the structural condition must be carefully investigated.
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the current state of the rooms?
  • How much effort do renovation and repair entail?

When choosing operating rooms, pay attention to the suitable layout of the premises and consider the requirements for workflow, representation, and customer traffic. If you are planning enhancements in the future, consider the corresponding additional requirements.

The equipment, e.g. telecommunications systems, must be tailored to your business and geared to your operational needs. In catering establishments, noise protection and emission regulations must also be observed. Calculate the costs for renovation and repair.

Occupational health and safety regulations also apply to operating rooms—find out which regulations apply to your company. For example, catering establishments are obliged to provide staff toilets in addition to customer toilets, while production establishments also require break rooms for their staff.

Sample text: Condition of the operating rooms
Two offices and a storage room are required. The rooms should provide a pleasant working environment. In the initial phase, however, rooms with little comfort are sufficient to save costs.