Team Help

How do I add a team member?

The GWD 4.0 is intuitive to use and allows you to communicate within a team. You can add as many people who are registered in the GWD as you like to your founding team. To do so, click on “Add team member”. You will be asked for their email address. After you have entered this, you can collaborate with your “new” team member, for example by sending messages to the team and assigning tasks.

What project content can team members see?

The permissions assignment is divided into read and write permissions for your project. You can allow the team member to view and read the content in the read permissions section. Write permissions allow the team member to edit, supplement or correct your texts. This collaborative effort allows you to benefit from the know-how and ideas of your team members. Both permissions can be granted for individual contents such as Canvas, business plan or financial plan. This enables you to efficiently control the work on your business idea.

What permissions does my personal expert have?

That depends entirely on you. If you click on the three points to the right of the team contact and select “Edit”, you can freely assign the permissions. So you decide what your IHK expert is allowed to see and what not. This applies to both read and write permissions. Remember that the IHK expert is on your side. The more openly you include them, the better they can help you.