Help on Project Space

What is a project space?

A project space gives you the opportunity to share your business idea with external persons or partners who do not need to be registered in the GWD. This can be your bank, your accountant, a business start-up consultant or a friend.

How do I use a project space?

Use the “Create project space” button to create a new project space. In the form, you specify a name for the project space and enter the email address of the person for whom you are creating the project space. After entering the subject, you can still write a message to the recipient and specify the content to be provided to the recipient.

Use the validity function to specify a date up to which the recipient can view the contents. For security reasons, you must send the displayed password to the recipient separately, for instance by text message. Once you have completed your input and click on the Save button, the URL shown on the screen will be sent to the recipient together with your message by email.

What is the status of the contents of a project space?

The contents in a project space are generated as a copy of the current status at the time the project space is created and are automatically locked after the expiration date. You can manually extend or delete access to a project space at any time.

Please note: if you continue to work in your project after creating a project space, these changes will not be applied to existing project spaces, i.e. the project space data is a copy of the data at the time the project space was created.

How do I send the password?

For security reasons, we do not send passwords to recipients of a project space via the GWD. In order to communicate the password to the recipient, we recommend that you send it by text message or communicate it to the recipient by telephone.

You can also change the password at any time and send it to the recipient again.