The rental, purchase or renovation of premises may tie up a lot of capital. In addition, the monthly running costs, which also depend on the location, must also be taken into account.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What costs will be incurred for repairs, rent, etc.?
  • What is the price difference between my location and a top location?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of the proposed location compared to others that are more expensive/cheaper?

Land costs
Property costs, trade tax, disposal costs, energy prices, noise protection conditions: There are many factors that are decisive for the choice of a plot of land. In the long run, it can make sense to use a site that you can expand as your business grows.

Rental and acquisition costs
What are the costs of purchasing a property or renting it, including ancillary costs? How high are the costs, e.g. for equipment, utility connections or official requirements? How strongly are you bound to the location by long-term or short-term leases? Are public subsidies offered? Inform yourself thoroughly.

Sample text: Expenses
For our project we have rented premises that are exactly tailored to our needs. The monthly rent is 260 EUR (warm).