Digital workplace for company founders

With the Gründungswerkstatt Deutschland (GWD), HKS Handelskammer Hamburg Service GmbH, in cooperation with the network of IHKs and Enterra GmbH has developed a modern, digital start-up platform that supports the founders of new companies in all phases of their start-up projects—from idea to success!

The GWD essentially consists of a digital workplace in which the business founders are provided with interactive tools for a collaborative and cooperative partnership that they need to implement their start-up project. This includes tools for creating the Business Model Canvas, business plan and financial plan, document management, as well as tools for team communication and planning tasks in a project. GWD also offers the option of involving external consultants or banks in the project at an early stage through secure project areas. In the GWD, regional consultants (tutors) of the IHKs are also available to the founders and advise them during the entire process, online and also personally.

But the GWD goes one step further. The concept of the GWD also establishes a link to the regional IHK offers, so that the founders also receive further information and support outside the digital world at any time and can also make use of the structures and networks of the IHKs.

GWD combines digital services with personal advice

Several thousand start-ups in Germany have already been successfully founded and supported with the Gründungswerkstatt of the chambers of commerce, craft and trades, which has been running since 2006. With the follow-up project GWD, these experiences will now be adapted to the changed framework conditions caused by digitisation. The result is a modern and forward-looking platform that places the needs of business start-ups at the centre of all activities and offers them optimum services. All success parameters were examined in detail and taken into account in the new concept. The GWD pursues the following objectives:

  • Integration of all participants in a holistic portal approach
  • Digital tools and services to support founders
  • Networking of founders in teams and cooperation in projects
  • Personal and confidential advice for business start-ups by IHK tutors
  • Connection of regional and supra-regional offers in one platform
  • Secure working environment and compliance with all data protection criteria
  • Multi-project management, teamwork and integrated communication tools
  • Forward-looking technology—the GWD sets new standards

Forward-looking technology - the GWD sets new standards

Due to the modern and flexible platform architecture of the GWD, the functions and provisions of the GWD can be adapted dynamically and flexibly according to your needs. The GWD modules build on each other and integrate internal and external services. With the GWD, the foundation was laid to keep pace with the changing times and to implement future trends and digital business models within the platform.

The central function of the GWD is project management, with which the founders of a new business can develop and implement their business idea in their digital workplace in a team and with tutorial support. A project essentially comprises the following modules:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business plan
  • Financial plan
  • Documents
  • News
  • Founding team
  • Tasks
  • Activities
  • Project areas

With its offers, the GWD creates a bridge between the online and offline worlds and combines digital services with personal consulting in a perfect blend. The GWD will personally and sustainably strengthen the founders of a new business in their project and at the same time expand the brand as well as the offers of the IHKs in the landscape of start-ups.

With the GWD, the entire start-up process is implemented in a professional quality in a continuous process that optimally links online offers and personal specialist advice. With its modern start-up portal, the GWD now provides even better support for founders in all phases of starting a business and contributes to strengthening the start-up landscape in Germany sustainably.