About GWD

The Gründungswerkstatt supports you personally in the preparation of a business plan you can take to your bank and in the implementation of your company start-up—neutral, confidential and free of charge. Use of the Gründungswerkstatt and personal advice by your IHK is free of charge. Your data is completely secure in the Gründungswerkstatt. The hosting is done in an ISO-certified computer centre in Germany, meaning your ideas remain protected.

Always keep your business plan in mind.

The use of the Gründungswerkstatt is very easy and intuitive: After the registration you create a project in the project section and enter all relevant start-up information in it: Business Model Canvas, business plan and financial plan. You can add more information at any time, such as sources.

You can share the data of your project at any time with your external partners, such as your accountant or bank, in a secure data file. With the task function you always keep track of your to-do list. The activity list shows you what you have done so far.

Make your idea successful in a team.

It's easier in a team. The collaboration tool of the Gründungswerkstatt allows you to build a founding team you can trust. You can work together with friends, partners or other founders on your business plan and also involve external consultants (lawyers, accountants etc.), banks or investors in your project at an early stage.

The messaging tool keeps your team up to date at all times. You decide which team members can access data and receive messages, and which cannot. This allows you to easily control the communication in your founding team.