Description of the product/service

Clearly describe your service and the benefits it will have for your customers. The more concise you are, the better. The service description should be brief, understandable and appealing.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is special about my business idea?
  • What products or services will I sell?
  • How do I describe my offer briefly and comprehensibly? (1–2 sentences)
  • Is my product easy to use?
  • If applicable, does my product comply with the relevant standards, laws and regulations?
  • Are the patent and trademark provisions observed?
  • How future-proof is my offer (market development, possible imitators of the product)?

Product definition

A considerable number of start-ups are based on inventions or technical innovations. But even these are not usually self-explanatory and must be questioned critically with regard to the actual customer benefit and marketability. If your product/service is not innovative but represents yet another offer in an existing market (e.g. restaurant or sports shop), you have to work out all the more clearly why customers should buy from you in particular. Customers will only be willing to spend money on your product if it really provides a benefit for them. You must therefore be able to describe the benefits clearly and they should be recognisable at first glance.

In order for you to be able to offer your product on the market, it must meet several requirements. In any case, your product should solve a verifiable problem or fulfil a real wish of the customer. It should do so in a unique way or at least have features that clearly distinguish it from competitors. If these kinds of differentiators do not exist, consider why customers should still buy from you.


Description of a service
Our service agency specialises in supporting our customers with their daily household tasks. This includes shopping, laundry service (collection and delivery), household maintenance, errands (such as post office or government offices) and homesitting (e.g. on holiday). It would also be conceivable to expand the services to include babysitting, student tutoring, and garden maintenance. This comprehensive service is unique in our region.