Product and Service: Description of customer benefit

To prevent customers from going to competitors, it must be obvious to them what makes your service special.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my product solve a verifiable customer problem or does it meet a real desire/need?
  • Is my product unique or is there at least one feature that clearly distinguishes it from the competition?
  • If not: Why will customers still buy from me?
  • Is the advantage of my product visible at first glance?

Highlight the features that distinguish you from the services of other providers. These so-called “unique selling points” must be recorded systematically and very precisely. The determination of these characteristics forms the foundation of every enterprise. Therefore, consider very carefully what concrete benefit your product/service offers the customer and how you can describe this benefit in such a way that it is immediately clear to everyone.


Sample text: Description of customer benefit
The customer can delegate all bothersome household tasks to our service and thus increase their quality of life thanks to the increased leisure time, or gain time for work. Compared to hiring a personal assistant for individual services, we offer our customers the advantage that they receive all of our services from a single source and can request them whenever they need them.