Help on Tasks

What are tasks?

Tasks support you in clearly planning and managing your steps on the way to independence. Using a due date, you can always see what needs to be done by when. This might be, for example, making an appointment with your tax advisor, deciding by when you want to have your CV completed or setting a deadline for a team member to complete a competitive analysis.

How do I use tasks?

Create a new task by clicking on the “New task” button. You can now give your task a title, add a description, set a due date, and assign the task to you, one of your team members, or your expert. You can edit and delete created tasks at any time, for example when they have been completed.

Who can see and edit tasks?

You can define yourself who can see and edit your tasks. In the Team tab, you can specify for each team member and your expert whether they can see and edit your tasks in the settings.