The location of your company, the accessibility for customers and employees as well as official regulations are decisive for the choice of the headquarters of your company. It must fit the needs of your company.

When deciding on the location of your company’s headquarters, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will the operating rooms and offices be located?
  • Is the location important for my company in terms of customers, employees, logistics, etc.?
  • Are there any official requirements to be observed?

Every company places different demands on its location. Not only the actual place of operation (office, warehouse) is decisive, but also the surroundings (street, town, region). For example, a retailer who is dependent on casual customers needs a lively location. For a company with production halls, on the other hand, an industrial estate with favourable land prices is more suitable. And a shipping company that has international partners needs good transport connections (e.g. to the motorway, the port or the airport). Also note: The image of an address can play an important role in certain industries. Providing the rental conditions are appropriate, it can be recommendable for certain companies, such as law firms or insurance companies, to have their headquarters at a good address, for example in the city centre. Centre or outskirts: The needs of companies are very different. The more independent you are when deciding the location of your company, the better your chances of finding something suitable. Good transport connections, low trade tax, inexpensive properties or commercial rents: It's worth comparing and contrasting.

Customer proximity
The results from the “Customers and Market” section are included here. The better you know the purchasing behaviour of the local residents, the better you can assess the chances of success of a business project. Whether in the outskirts or in the city centre—experience shows: A few metres in the right or wrong direction can be decisive for your business success in retail or gastronomy.

Transport accessibility
How reachable is your company for customers, suppliers, employees, business partners? How is the transport connection (motorway, airport, public transport)? Can customers and suppliers park easily and free of charge? Make sure that you can be reached quickly, conveniently and easily at all times, if this is necessary for your business model.

Regulatory requirements
The commercial and building regulations and laws are different in many places. Please contact the responsible trade office (Baudezernat/Bauamt/Bezirksamt) to find out how the property/object/rental object in question appears in the development plan. If the future location is in a commercial or industrial area, there is usually nothing to prevent a settlement on the basis of building regulations. If, on the other hand, the planned location is in a residential or mixed area, the envisaged settlement may be problematic. If necessary, an application for a change of use may lead to success.

Sample text: Address
Our office will be located in a central, easily accessible location in Musterstadt (give exact address) so that we can be at the customer’s premises quickly. However, as the customers will contact us mainly by internet, telephone or fax, the address and the premises are relatively unimportant for us.