Demarcation to competitors

Identify the weaknesses of your competitors and consider where your own competitive advantages lie that can set you apart from your competitors. The “unique selling points” are not only important for potential investors—customers also decide for or against you on the basis of such arguments.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have any advantages over other competitors that I can use?
  • What can I do now to gain market advantages in the future?
  • What are the characteristics of my offer that distinguish it from the competition?
  • Where do I stand in the industry comparison?

Combine your table compiled in the “Competitive Analysis” section with your SWOT analysis (chapter “Market and Industry Development”) and you will receive starting points on how to stand out from your competitors. Such “unique selling points” also exist in small businesses, even if the term may sound rather grand!


You set up a copy shop. Price, copying machines etc.—everything is just like any copy shop. But two points make your business attractive to customers: 1. the proximity to their place of residence and the supermarket across the street, 2. the service of making copies for customers within half an hour for a small extra charge. These two points combine to form a unique selling point: Your customers can have copies done while they shop at the supermarket. No competitor in the area offers this service.
Sample text: Differentiation from competitors (competitive advantages)
Our advantage over our direct competitor XY is that we want to make greater use of the internet as a medium and will directly accept orders online. Competitor XY is not particularly well-known and can only be found online by actively searching. We see a further advantage for our company in the fact that we are two people and that our respective personal strengths complement each other perfectly. In addition, our services are more cost-effective for the customer. What sets us apart from the internet platform and the individual providers is that we offer everything from a single source and offer a higher guarantee for the quality of our service. We guarantee the quality ourselves, because we will do all the work ourselves (at least in the first year). The additional work that may be required due to the quality guarantee does not have to be paid for. We gain advantages by directly addressing our target group with a broad communication strategy and thus achieve a high degree of awareness.